Special Events

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Secondary Offerings

Available Upon Request

Watsu Therapy

Experience the bliss of healing water floating therapy and shiatsu massage via a specialized WATSU session with Jessa Cosio. Sign-up opportunities for treatment sessions offered monthly.

Paint & Art Therapy - Coming Soon!

Unlock your creativity via painting and art with Josh Smith, Instructor and Musician. A facilitator of inspiring others to access their ingenuity and artistic expression, Josh and his talented cohort of art instructors invite you to learn how to draw, paint and compose using the curriculum from “THE ARTIST’s WAY” by Julia Cameron.

Music Therapy - Coming Soon!

Access and empower your voice with Lindsey W. Rhodes, voice coach, music teacher.

Voice Coaching - Coming Soon!

Advance your cultural knowledge with Spanish language teacher, composer, voice coach and Latin Dance instructor, Alexandro Rugarcia.

Mind, Body & Spirit Development

Discover Your Healing Pathways